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Come explore the amazing world of art in Rooms to Go‘s Art Smart! Innovate, paint, dance, and sculpt a masterpiece!



Central Bank
Explore the basics of banking and commerce through fun interactive games at Suncoast Credit Union’s Central Bank. Learn to earn and save money with simple math, matching, or physical activities. Then spend your money to power a train, launch a rocket, or even light up City Hall!



Climb aboard GCM’s Cruiseship docked at Gasparilla Island! Become a captain, sailor, and explorer as you set sail or dig for buried treasure.



Design + Build
Pop into Design + Build, GCM’s yellow house that always needs renovation! Young architects, designers, and carpenters are invited to work on plumbing, electric, siding, or landscaping.



Engineers’ Workshop
Visit the ideal workshop for young inventors! Do you always wonder how things work? Engineers’ Workshop is where you can find the answers! For the little ones, design a Tampa Bay train route or build with blocks and giant LEGOs. For the older kids, create a design a LEGO design on the LEGO Wall and fold and launch the perfect paper airplane.


Take on the life of a firefighter as you pretend to save the day in a safe, kid-sized firehouse. Put on your safety gear and slide down the fireman’s pole! Simulate driving a firetruck through the streets of Tampa Bay, sounding the siren and lighting the lights.




What can sheets and pillows become? Let Forts inspire imaginative play! Click here to learn why fort-building matters.



Gadget Garage

Innovate and collaborate in GCM’s new robotics lab, Gadget Garage! Click here to learn more about why robotics matters.



Get Moving
Take on physical challenges that test your strength, endurance and speed. Tackle a mini climbing wall, race a variety of animals, and climb in GCM’s new indoor playground, Free Play! 


Global Cafe
Celebrate worldly cultures in Global Cafe! Join in a drum circle in the West African Drum Hut or learn about Japanese culture and traditions inside the Japanese Pagoda.



Paging all future doctors and nurses to the Museum’s St. Joseph’s Hospital! Can you identify the sounds the body makes?  How do you create a balanced meal? Find the answers to these questions and more.



Explore the KidsPort’s huge water table where you can navigate cargo through a shipping channel just like Tampa Bay. Become a dockworker, harbor pilot, or engineer as you learn how water moves. You can even make a storm inside the Museum at the Bays News 9 weather station! The possibilities are endless.



Light Cloud
Use touch sensors to create ever-changing light and soundscapes that whirl around this high-tech work of art, while learning about mixing the colors of light and sounds. Send beams of color throughout the installation, each triggering its own sound. This 3D segmented multi-ring structure was designed by artist Ivan Toth Depeña and sponsored by Raymond James.


Ocean Sandbox
Move and shape the sand to create the ocean’s topography. Using your hands, sculpt mountains, islands, underwater channels, and caves to see our augmented reality marine landscape come to life with ocean creatures, treasure chests, and more!  Sponsored by Tampa Bay Water.



Pizza Place
Become a chef, server, or restaurant guest in the Pizza Place. Create your own sandwich or pizza, ring up an order, or just sit back and enjoy a meal with a great view of Curtis Hixon Park. 



Visit the Museum’s Publix Supermarket where children make all the buying decisions. Shop with your mini shopping cart, work the register, bag the groceries, and restock the shelves. It’s your store! 



Work together to solve puzzles, create stories and character plots, learn about the world, and paint digital masterpieces in this innovative, motion-capture technology that gets kids up and moving.  Learn more here



Tugboat Tots
Toddlers ages 3 and under are invited to sail into Tugboat Tots. Explore a tugboat, fish for local species, and enjoy stories under a comfy oak tree canopy.



Twinkle Stars Theater
Lights, camera, action! Stop by GCM’s Twinkle Stars Theater to perform or direct the perfect dramatic tale. We have tons of costumes for your little actors and actresses, plus sound effects and lighting to match!  



Vet Clinic
Play the role of a veterinarian and help some animals in need at the Museum’s Vet Clinic. Look at x-rays and investigate your animal patients’ charts to determine the purr-fect treatment!



Water’s Journey
When you climb Water’s Journey, you become a drop of water taking the journey through the water cycle! Evaporate from the aquifer to the clouds, and then flow back down. You might even encounter some animals and insects that call our Florida watersheds home! Sponsored by Tampa Bay Water.