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Why Fort-Building Matters
At Glazer Children’s Museum, we are raising the Imagination Generation. The children playing at GCM today will grow up to be the innovators of tomorrow, and Forts will help them get there. Fort-building invites narrative and creative planning while being a platform for exploration, construction, and dramatic play.
Fort-building allows kids to:
• Define their own success
• Use their own words and ideas and negotiate with other kids
• Be inclusive and cooperative with others of various abilities and ideas
• Build their social and emotional growth
• Gain confidence through experimentation and failure
• Create imaginative spaces that are a world beyond what grown ups can see
• Develop a sense of ownership
• Tell a story and create a memory across generations
Connecting Play and Learning
Language development through dramatic play and symbolic representation
• Use expressive language as they create and communicate play narratives
• Develop and practice effective listening and speaking skills in a variety of situations
Physical development through constructive play and materials exploration
• Use their physical abilities as they grasp, lift, move, and build
Social and emotional development through cooperative and independent play
• Be empowered by choosing to play with or without others,negotiating roles and materials, and resolving conflicts
• Feel successful and gain confidence by taking ownership and pride in their work
• Develop team-building skills by working with others through physical activity