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Gadget Garage

Photo credit: Nola Laleye

Innovate and collaborate in GCM’s new robotics lab, Gadget Garage!

Why Robotics Matters

We are excited to partner with The CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University to develop Gadget Garage, a dynamic prototyping exhibit that allows us to adapt as we observe how kids interact with the space, the tools, and each other. You will see this area grow and activate with new technology and innovative programs over the coming months.

Working with robotics allows kids to:
• Apply computational thinking and literacy to create narratives
• Prepare for next generation jobs that haven’t been invented yet
• See practical applications to creativity
• Problem solve and use systematic planning to achieve goals
• Develop skills in independent learning, collaboration, and leadership
• Adapt by failing forward
• Realize new passions
• Communicate across different technology platforms